Angela Wright - Humanity Plus Business Strategist

Angela Wright MBE is a Humanity Plus business strategist, entrepreneur, presenter, author, wife and Mother of five.

As a Humanity Plus strategist, Angela is uniquely aware of which companies, brands, services and products are “Humanity Plus” and which are “humanity fails”.

Committed to enabling consumers to “Buy A Better World” simply and fast.

“Women’s wallets are changing the world faster than governments, NGOs and corporations, says Wright."

January 2017 saw the biggest demonstrations in the history of the world.

"It’s clear what women are saying: ‘No more pussyfooting around!’

"We’ve had enough of financing practices we wouldn’t condone if known. Transparent Accountability is the name of the game now. CSR becomes CiSR – Citizen Consumer Revolution. We’re exposing the humanity fails and providing Humanity Plus alternatives. It’s time for living like it’s heaven on earth. Informed buying decisions mean women really can change the world before lunchtime – and we’re making this information easy to know.”

Wright is preparing her TV series and book, “Rogue Elephants In The Room – Every Woman’s Guide To Buying A Better World” – free advance copies from


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