Brianna Halloran - Curator for Health & Happiness

Brianna’s mission is to orchestrate playful and profound experiences that move every breath and body regardless of any “prior experience.” Her commitment to creating a safe space, coupled with an intense drive to find personal freedom, gives her students the permission they need to “just be themselves.”

Her energetic, inspiring, and compassionate teaching style translates into offering a wide range of yoga and fitness formats. Whether you join her on the mat, on a hike, on the fitness floor, or in the water, you will have the opportunity and encouragement to explore and express yourself through every breath and every movement.

She lovingly challenges everyone physically, but without a doubt Brianna is much more motivated by and interested in growing strength within the community. She gets that “it takes a village to raise a child” and firmly believes that we are all children who need to come together and lift each other up. Her commitment to community-building experiences allows her the opportunity to guide traditional as well as funky practices in some of Cleveland’s most amazing venues (think costumes, 60/70s/80s themes, black lights, body paint, SUP Yoga…not all at once though!).

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