Katie Brauer - Yoga & Wellness Education & Personal Transformation Expert

Originally from Sydney, Australia, Katie Brauer is a former Professional Snowboarder, Ted-X Speaker, Yoga and Wellness Educator, and Personal Transformation Expert. She has been featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur, Health, Origin and Mantra Magazine. A trail blazer with a modern and empowering approach to personal development and transformation, Katie is the creator of two 5-star programs recognized by yoga alliance as well as the Flourish Group Program for Empowered Living and The Yoga Professional. She offers online courses, live programs and retreats to teach and support others in creating a financially abundant and fulfilling life they love.

Having led tens of thousands of people over two decades Katie has distilled down the core elements of what it takes to feel empowered, happy and fulfilled. She brings wisdom to the table, shines light on your dust, gives you the tools to embrace it or clear it, move it, and shift it out, making space for your best self. Connect with Katie at a local class, abroad or at home www.katiebrauer.com.

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