Dr. Michelle Wolford - Naturopathic Doctor

Dr. Michelle Wolford was awarded Best Naturopathic Doctor Encinitas 2015. She's successfully run a private practice in Encinitas for the last 7 years treating children and adults for a variety of acute and chronic conditions all over the world.

She's been a guest speaker at Medical Schools, on several radio, blog spot and TV programs in addition to a guest writer for the Journal of Alternative Medicine. She's traveled the world collecting information for your healing experience working with top medical Doctors, Shamans and Guru's.

Dr. Wolford has a remarkable way of intertwining her Western medical training & knowledge with her profound Eastern medical training & knowledge of plants, energy medicine, nutrition, body movement, meditation, breath work and spirituality. To learn more about Dr. Michelle Wolford visit her website @ www.lifeinmotionmed.com

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