Soledad Espinoza

Soledad is a Chilean-born psychologist, raised in Brazil and is the founder of Conscious Feminine and TeSer, both working towards the awaking of the feminine.

She is also a mother, an apprentice of life, with personal challenges that made her dive deeply into the Taoism teachings, through a great master of this tradition, Liu Pai Lin, then into transpersonal therapy, astrology, meditation and others. This experience, took her on a 10-year-journey around Europe, Africa, Asia, North and South America to meet masters, wisdoms, traditional knowledge, life experiences and new references. She experienced and learned Shamanism and Tantric during this journey and many women and women’s circles that allowed her to go deeply into further study and research of feminine traditions.

Currently, Soledad abandons every kind of form and names as she shares she's been feeling more and more inspired by the non-dual approaches, as well as the silence and dance. She loves to share with other women all the knowledge she has received and she does that through live and online seminars, coaching and individual sessions. She enjoys teaching with a verbal approach, and beyond that, she likes the experimental and sensorial forms of teaching. In the last four years, she's been providing a formation for women that work with circles. She has also launched an online channel this year.

Taoist exercise to prevent 100 diseases:

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